2021 Amendments Up for Vote

We are seeking members’ input on the nomination process, term limits, voting procedures, and cultivating next generation leadership. Specifically, we will be voting upon the following at our annual meeting:

  • Changing the 5 year out rule for board members to 1 year out for Communications Manager and Archivist, both to establish a pipeline to board leadership for younger alums and because these positions benefit from someone who was more recently on campus.

  • Processes for voting in absentia

  • Staggered Election Cycle: All terms are normally 5 years, but since 5 board members were elected in 2019 and 1 in 2020, we are proposing the following staggered election cycle, with some positions overlapping the outgoing and incoming board members for one year post-election:

  • President - 2022 (overlap until 2023)

  • Treasurer - 2023 (overlap until 2024)

  • House Holder - 2023 (overlap 2024)

  • Secretary - 2024

  • Communications - 2024

  • Archivist - 2025

If you will not be able to attend the meeting on June 5, at 3 PM EST, but have strong opinions about the above, please send us an email at

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