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Call for Elections 2023

At our Annual Meeting, we will elect a new President, new Treasurer, and our first Vice President. Role responsibilities and requirements are described below. All are expected to attend regular Board meetings. Please note that the Treasurer can now live remote. Nominations should include: your name and class, location, contact information, why you want to join the Board, and your objectives in the role. All board terms are 5 years.

If you have questions about any of these positions, or would like to submit a nomination, please reach out to us as soon as possible at Nominations are due by May 21st, so that we can post the candidates’ statements to the website prior to our Annual Meeting. For those who cannot attend the meeting in person, a remote voting option will be offered via Zoom and email.

You can read our full 2023 Annual Newsletter by clicking the file below.

2023 Shakes Annual Newsletter
Download PDF • 3.13MB



The President shall preside over Executive Board meetings and the Annual Business Meeting, and act as both liaison to the Undergraduate Society and Executive Director of the Alumnae Association. Also, the President shall:

  • Schedule and set agendas for monthly executive board meetings

  • Provide guidance to the Undergraduate Society President and Executive Board

  • Write the annual letter to all Shakespeare Alumnae and oversee mailing to WCSSAA

  • Serve as key liaison for Society and Alumnae Association with Wellesley College offices

  • Live in proximity to Wellesley College

  • Have graduated from Wellesley no less than five years ago


  • The Board Treasurer shall collect dues, receive gifts made to the Society and to the Alumnae Association, care for our funds, pay bills properly vouched, and render an account at the Annual Business meeting. The Treasurer shall:

  • Prepare the Society’s annual tax returns

  • Prepare annual financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet) for Reunion/Annual meeting

  • Understand the Society’s legal and nonprofit status

  • Become a custodian of the Alum Society and Undergraduate Society’s accounts (Minimum 2 in-person visits to Massachusetts, at the beginning and end of your term, are required for account turnover)

  • Provide guidance to undergraduate society on bookkeeping

  • Provide guidance on budgets for house projects and reimburse expenses as required

  • Maintain compliance with State and Federal Non-Profit regulations

  • Have graduated from Wellesley no less than five years ago

Vice President

The Board Vice President shall manage projects and events. When the president is unavailable, the vice president shall assume their duties. In addition, the Vice President shall:

  • Maintain and report project status for long-term projects

  • Work with the WCSSAA President to orchestrate and schedule events

  • Live in proximity to Wellesley College

  • Have graduated from Wellesley no less than five years ago

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