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Elected Board Nominees 2022

In preparation for elections during our Annual Meeting on June 4th, Shakespeare Society alumnae are encouraged to read through the statements of intent from nominees for President and Householder, provided below. The board is providing options for both in-person and virtual voting for those in attendance at the Annual Meeting.


Nominee: Suzie McLellan Soloviev

Class of 2008

Living in: MA

I have been a member of the society since Spring 2005, and served as both President and House Holder. I find myself in possession of a flexible schedule and the desire to serve the undergrad community. I would like to improve and clarify society relationships with the college and help our current undergrad class to recover from any ill effects of the pandemic on membership.


Nominee: Colleen Sullivan

Class of 2017

Living in: MA

I am interested in becoming householder because I care greatly about the integrity and care of the house for the current undergraduates. I look forward to becoming a bridge between the undergrads and the alum community and serving as a resource for the students as they become stewards of the property we all know and love. With several years of traditions lost or changed as a result of the pandemic, it would serve us well to have a young alum like myself to serve on the board-- someone with recent knowledge of our traditions as well as our institutional history.

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